CBSE XII English Pattern Changed for the 2019 Year Marking Scheme, Sample Paper: 2019 has altered the exam routine of course 12 English Board exam. In accordance with the telling the amount of inquiries has been decreased on the basis of comments obtained by them from the meetings of Committee of Courses of their Board and topic specialists from deliberation and analysts from the question paper. Now the segment A and segment B would comprise only 19 queries and 35 questions, respectively. The Board has published the revised program on the site. Students looking for CBSE course 12 Board Examination 2019 can check the official telling on Assess the links below. By three to two the amount of passages are decreased From the query paper. The typology of queries has been revised for of the passages. Back in Passage one students will need to answer five MCQs, nine short answer type questions involving three questions on three short answer type questions along with language. In passing two, there will be two response type questions.

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CBSE XII Class 2019 English Pattern

  • Important changes have been made to the section A i.e. the Reading Section of the CBSE class 12th English core paper (subject code 301).
  • Number of passages Reduced from Three to Two: Against the existing pattern of three passages, now there will be two passages for the candidate to attempt.
  • Length of passages now same: Both the passages will be of equal length that is 800 to 900 words each. Previously the length of two passages was 1100 to 1200 words and the third passage was of 400 to 500 words.
  • Typology of questions: In the existing pattern 6-MCQs (1 mark each),16 Very short answer type questions including 1 on vocabulary for 1 mark, 1 short answer type question (3 marks), 1 Long answer type question (5 marks) were asked.
    In the revised pattern, there will be 5-MCQs (1 mark each) 9-Very short answer type questions including 3 Qs on vocabulary for 1 mark each 3-Short answer type question (2 marks each) will be asked from passage 1. From passage 2, only 2 Long answer type questions (5 marks each) will be put up to the students.
  • Total number of questions reduced for Section A: In the existing question paper, the number of questions in section A was 24. It has been reduced to only 19 questions in the new pattern.
  • A total number of questions: The total number of questions for the year 2019 will be 35 against the existing number of 40 questions.

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CBSE XII English Pattern 2019

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