CBSE X XII Class Exam pattern Change Announcement 2019-20

CBSE Exam Pattern 2019-20 –  Having a goal to enhance analytical abilities among the students, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has intended to modify the exam pattern of Class 10 and Class 12 exams from 20 20. The decision has come from the backdrop of the trend of rote learning and as part of the declaration of results and a revamp that additionally includes conducting subject evaluations earlier. “The questions will likely undoubtedly be more in the character of problem-solving. There’ll soon be more short questions (between 1 to 5 marks). The stress will be about the critical thinking abilities of students and analyze actual learning outcomes instead of allow students to score high marks by virtue of rote,” The Times of India reported lent a senior HRD ministry called saying. Besides to ensure the quality of instruction, the Board has reportedly submitted a new’CBSE by laws’ into the HRD ministry that focuses on the academic caliber of an institution throughout affiliation/renewal of schools.

CBSE 2019-20 Exam Pattern Changes

To enhance the education quality in an institution, the CBSE has framed new’CBSE by laws’ and submitted them into the HRD ministry. The HRD ministry protects the standard of education throughout renewal or school of schools. The CBSE exam blueprint that is revived is likely to simplify the rules of renewal and affiliation for both schools. CBSE schools in cities are devoting a lot of time involving physical education classes. Also they are currently dropping subjects including Moral Science and General Knowledge to achieve the desired benefits.

  • The new pattern would test students on their analytical skills and reasoning abilities instead of blind copy pasting of textbook text
  • The board has also claimed that this step will produce a better result and the academic quality of institutions will be renewed

“The proposals will take another three-four months to crystallize. However, the board is already working toward the changes in the pattern of questions from 2020,” the official added.”

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