3 Feb Gate Mechanical Analysis 2018 Morning Shift Asked Question Paper

3 Feb Gate Mechanical Analysis 2018 Morning Shift Asked Question Paper

Gate 2018 Mechanical Analysis Shift 1 – Gate Mechanical paper 2018 Analysis Morning Evening Gate 3 feb 2018 Analysis Mechanical Asked Questions download www.gate.iisc.ernet.in. Aspirants can download the Gate 3 feb exam answer key shift wise of both morning & evening ME IT. Here candidates download the full paper analysis from the provided linbelow.w . There are unofficial Gate 2018 mechanical Paper answer sheet released by the coaching center Made easy . The exam is conducted successfully on Morning & evening shift on 3 feb 2018. Candidates can also go to the main site of gate to download the answer key of gate [Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering ] of subject Civil, Computer, Electrical. To see the full gate 2018 exam analysis you have to go through the full article below about the morning gate exam 2018 3 feb.

Gate 3 Feb Mechanical Paper Analysis 2018

Indian Institute of Science (IISc) today organized the schedule & conducted the Gate 2018 exam  for aspirants those who wanted to take admission in postgraduate programs of the IITs and IIScs. The exam of gate 2018 as held in three shifts i.eMorning,, Afternoon &evening.. There are huge numbers of candidates who have appeared in the examination to pass. The Subjects include in Gate 2017 are EC , IT , Mechanical , Civil etc. To get the GATE ME 2018 answer key or Gate 2018 3 feb mechanical solutions sheet in pdf.Below is a full paper analysis of 3feb Gate exam 2018. There are many other popular coaching institutes that will open the unofficial answer key today  Ace Academy, GateForum, IES Academy and MadeEasy.

new2 Gate 4 Feb CS Analysis 2018

Made Easy Gate 2018 ME Analysis

Subject Number of Questions Topics Asked in Paper (Memory Based) Level of Questions Total Marks
engineering mathematics 1 Marks: 62 Marks: 4 Mean Value Theorem; Probability , Euler’s Method, Rank, Analytic Function, Laplace Transform Easy 14
Engineering Mechanics 1 Marks: 02 Marks: 2 Slider Crank Mechanism, Collision Medium 4
Mechanics of materials 1 Marks: 42 Marks: 5 Simple Stress Strains, Analysis of Shear Stress, Stress in Beams, Plain Stress Medium 14
Theory Of Machines 1 Marks: 32 Marks: 2 Gear Strain Medium 7
Machine Design 1 Marks: 12 Marks: 2 Bearing Capacity, Breaks Easy 5
Fluid Mechanics 1 Marks: 32 Marks: 4 Peloton Wheels, Medium 11
Heat Transfer 1 Marks: 02 Marks: 1 Conduction, Easy 2
Thermodynamics 1 Marks: 22 Marks: 4 Entropy, IC Engines, Steady Flow Energy Equation Medium 10
Manufacturing Engineering 1 Marks: 62 Marks: 4 ECM, Sheet Metal, Metal cutting Tough 14
IndustrialEngineering 1 Marks: 02 Marks: 2 Linear Program Medium 4
General Aptitude 1 Marks: 52 Marks: 5 Geometry, TSD, Functions, Grammar, Numbers, Work, inference Easy 15
Total 65 100
General Aptitude And Mathematics is Very Easy. Core Subject Questions were 50% easy, 30%medium and 20% tough.

Gate 3 Feb ME Asked Questions Shift 2

General Aptitude Questions 

  1. 1 Qs based on fill in the blank on Complement & compliment.
  2. BC, FGH, LMNO,         .Find the missing term of the series.
  3. 6 unbiased coins were tossed 6 times in a row. 4 Trials were done. Probability was asked in 4th trial?
  4. Circle, square & equilateral triangle have same perimeter. Which will have maximum area?
  5. A wire was bent in a square of area 1936 m2. The wire is cut into two pieces such that longer wire is thrice of shorter. Now, shorter wire is bent on a circle & longer in a square. Find teh total area?
  6. Find the house number. The following statements were given:
    i) If house number is multiple of 3, then the number lies between 50 & 59.
    ii) If house number is not a multiple of 6, then the number lies between 70 to 79.
  7. A work is to be done in 52 days by 125 robots working 7 hours per day. After 39 days 5/7th of work was completed. How many additional robots will be required to complete the work in scheduled time, if robots are working 8 hours per day?
  8. 40 Students watching films namely A, B & C. Either they watch one film or all three. 13 Students watch film A, 16 Students watch film B & 19 Students watch film C. What is the number of students who watch all three movies?

Gate 2018 Technical Section Questions (Shift 2 Me)

  1. Qs on modified Goodman’s criteria for combined steady and fluctuating load.
  2. Find the work done from a given P-V diagram.
  3. In a piston cylinder, arrangement with massive piston. Find the value of temperature so that piston will just start to move. The pressure & temperature values outside and inside the cylinder was given.
  4. Heat flux for a slab in which both side there are perfect black surface are given.
  5. Heat transfer in the condenser where heat transfer & area was given.
  6. Compression ratio of Otto cycle when specific fuel consumption and caloric value of flue was given.
  7. Find the work input to compressor when the P-N Diagram and isotropic efficiency of compressor was given.
  8. Find specific humidity, when relative humidity was given.
  9. 50%reaction turbine means?
  10. Entropy of Ideal gas formula.
  11. Find Euler’s Bucking load for both pinned column.
  12. 1 Qs on random variable function.
  13. 1 Qs on random variable function.

Gate 2018 Expected Cutoff Branc Wise

Gate Previous Year Cutoff is as below:

Branch 2017 2016
General OBC SC/ST/PH General OBC SC/ST/PH
ME 32.87 29 21 29.6 26.6 19.7
CS & IT 25 22.5 16.6 25 22.5 16.6
EE 25.2 25.2 16.7 25.1 22.5 16.7
EC 25 22.5 16.6 25 22.5 16.6
CE 28.7 25.8 19.1 25 22.5 16.6
CH 44.3 39.8 29.5 NA NA NA
IN 34.6 31.1 23 31.6 28.4 21
BT 38.9 35 25.9 NA NA NA

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