Latest Updated – Syllabus for CDS Exam 2016 Practice & Previous Questions paper

Latest Updated – Syllabus for CDS Exam 2016 Practice & Previous Questions paper:- The news for the students who take part in Combined Defence Services (CDS) examination, as the latest syllabus for the CDS Exam 2016 as well as the Practice Questions of Previous year Question for practice. Aspirants required to check all necessary study material of CDS Exam such as CDS Exam Pattern , Latest Updated – Syllabus for CDS Exam 2016  , CDS Preparation books and CDS Previous question papers etc. Here we talking about Elementary Maths , General Knowledge , Intelligence and Personality Test and English Syllabus for CDS Exam and CDS English Paper Pattern. English paper is important and scoring part of any of competition exam so you should prepare well for this section here you find How to prepare well for CDS and Best book for CDS Exam also.

CDS Exam 2016 Practice & Previous Questions paper

Syllabus Of CDS
Elementary Mathematics Arithmetic No. System, Fundamental Unitary, Operations, Methods, and Elementary No., Theorems, method, time and distance,application to simple and compound interest etc.
Geometry Lines and angles, plane and plane figures, parallel lines, sides and triangles of a triangle, Congruency of triangles, Concurrence of medians and altitudes, circles and its properties including tangents and Normal’s, Loc etc
Algebra Basic operations, Remainder Theorem, Quadratic Equations, Linear equations, Theory of Polynomials, Relationship between coefficients and roots (only real roots to be considered), set language, set notation etc.
Trigonometry Values of Sine x, cosine x and tangent x, simple Trigonometric identities, simple cases of height and distances.
Menstruation Calculating areas of squares, rectangles, triangles, circles and parallelograms, surface area and volume of spheres etc.
Statistics Tabulation of data, histograms, pie and bar charts, graphical representation, frequency polygons etc.
General Knowledge The general knowledge syllabus is both dynamic and static. Dynamic means currents happenings and static means pass events which have been done itself or by any one.

  • Indian Economy
  • Current happening in the field of business, politics, sports, entertainment etc.
  • Monuments of India
  • Books and Authors name etc.
  • TV and newspapers are good source to increase GK.
Intelligence AndPersonality Test and English This round is conducted for the candidates who clear the written test. The judging panel executes following activities as the case may be which are:

  • Group Discussion
  • Group Activity Or Any Outdoor Task
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Jumbled Sentence
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Sentence Correction
  • Finding errors and omittions etc

Latest Updated – Syllabus for CDS Exam 2016

Indian military academy (IMA) – 100 Marks
Indian naval academy (INA) – 100 Marks
Air force academy (AFA) – 100 Marks
Officers training academy (OTA) – 100 Marks

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