KPSC KAS 20th Sept Question Paper leaked News 2015 – KPSC Prelim Leaked

KPSC KAS 20th Sept Question Paper leaked News kpsc kas paper leaked 2015 kpsc prelims paper leaked kpsc kas Gazetted Probationers Exam 2014 leaked

KPSC KAS 20th Sept Question Paper leaked

KPSC KAS Karnataka Public Service Commission has organized the prelim Gazetted Probationers Exam 2014  KAS exam for the candidates in the recruitment of the post 440 group A & B. All the candidates who have appeared in the examination on 20th Sept and 21st sept are surprised that the wrong question papers were distributed to the candidates in the KAS paper which should be held from 20th to 22nd Sept 2015 . After seeking in to the point the aspirants realized that the KPSC KAS 20th Sept Question Paper leaked News has been arised. KPSC KAS 20th Sept Question Paper leakedNews due to the wrong question of General Studies and Optional Geography, scheduled for September 20 and 22 .

KPSC Prelim Gazetted Probationers Leaked 2015

On 20th Sept 2015 all the Candidates who have been appearing in the KPSC KAS exam have leave the exam because of the KPSC KAS 20th Sept Question Paper leaked News 2015. The KPSC KAS paper was leaked because of the reason that is mixing of the questions paper in the beginning of the essay round that is about to take place . Candidates received the paper of the General Studies and Optional Geography which was scheduled and dated for the 22nd sept 2015 . Then all the teachers in the examination were shocked and they immediate reported to the head section about the KPSC KAS 20th Sept Question Paper leaked News. After all of the surprises the  KPSC secretary Manoj Kumar Meena said that the aspirants do not have to worry . They are handling the schedule and the exam will be taken on 22nd Sept 2015 as per tit is scheduled. Candidates will be given the different sets of questions on 22nd sept 2015.

Check the KPSC KAS 20th Sept Question Paper leaked 2015 

20th Sept 2015 KPSC KAS Prelim Leaked

As one of the candidates in the center BBMP PU College  Magadi Road, has copied the  General Studies and Optional Geography questions before commencing of the exam . The candidates have a word with the STOI that the invigilator took the wrong question papers back, distributed the Essay paper, and gave us 15 minutes extra.

See KPSC KAS 2015 sept paper leaked

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