{10 july } CBSE ugc net 2016 Answer key – UGC net Expected Cutoff & Question Paper

CBSE ugc net 2018 Answer key

Central Board of Secondary Education on 10 July Sunday conducted the UGC NET 2016 examination for the aspirants. The exam is quite competently tough . As lakhs of students have appeared in the NET Exam in different examination centers. Now after the exam the students are waiting for the CBSE 10 July ugc net 2016 Answer key to be released by the official board site . The answer key must be downloaded from this site to match the answers. Here in this page we will provide you the UGC net 2016 exam answer key . You can see the expected cutoff of UGC NET 2016 from our cutoff page . See the 10 July official CBSE ugc net 2016 Answer key from cbsenet.nic.in.

8 July UGC NET Cutoff Marks

Central Board of Secondary Education yearly organized the examination of the UGC national Eligibilty test for the candidates. UGC NET exam is conducted for the aspirants who want to get qualified and become an assistant professor. Now those of the candidates attended the exam on 10 july 2016 Sunday. They can download the UGC NET 10 July answer key . Selected candidates can go to the official site after the result list is declared . Go to the main site for the interview details . CBSE UGC NET Minimum qualifying marks for GEN (Paper 1 is 40%, Paper 2 is 40% & Paper 3 is 50%) . As for the SC , ST it is 35% but for the OBC it is 40 % marks .

CBSE 8 July UGC NET Question Paper Solved – commerce, English, Hindi

Organization Name :- Central Board of Secondary Education 

Category :- UGC net Answer key 2018

Exam Name :- CBSE UGC NET 2018

Exam Date :- 8 July 2018

Official site :- cbsenet.nic.in

10 july UGC NET Answer Sheet & Expected cut off :-

  1. Enter the official site i.e cbsenet.nic.in.
  2. Now search the link UGC net Answer key 2018.
  3. After that click on the link.
  4. Choose the set which you want .
  5. Download the answer key set in pdf.
  6. Save it and match the answers.

UGC NET 2018 July Answer key (By ugc net coaching)

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  1. CBSE NET – JULY 2016 Exam Answer Key
    Hindi Paper -II
    1-2, 2-2, 3-4, 4-1, 5-3, 6-3, 7-4, 8-1, 9-3, 10-1, 11-1, 12-3, 13-2, 14-4, 15-2, 16-3, 17-3, 18-1, 19-2, 20-4, 21-3, 22-1, 23-1, 24-2, 25-3, 26-2, 27-1, 28-4, 29-3, 30-1, 31-4, 32-3, 33-2, 34-4, 35-1, 36-3, 37-2, 38-1, 39-4, 40-2, 41-1, 42-1, 43-3, 44-1, 45-4, 46-4, 47-1, 48-3, 49-4, 50-1

    1. Maim my hindi 3rd paper according u 39 questions r right . I m general but I m very said pls helf me.

  2. CBSE NET – JULY 2016 Exam Answer Key
    Hindi Paper -III
    1-4, 2-1, 3-3, 4-3, 5-3, 6-1, 7-4, 8-2, 9-1, 10-2, 11-1, 12-4, 13-1, 14-3, 15-3, 16-1, 17-2, 18-3, 19-2, 20-4, 21-1, 22-4, 23-1, 24-2, 25-3, 26-1, 27-1, 28-4, 29-2, 30-3, 31-1, 32-2, 33-1, 34-4, 35-3, 36-2, 37-4, 38-3, 39-1, 40-1, 41-4, 42-2, 43-3, 44-3, 45-4, 46-3, 47-2, 48-4, 49-1, 50-2, 51-2, 52-1, 53-4, 54-2, 55-2, 56-2, 57-2, 58-3, 59-2, 60-2, 61-3, 62-4, 63-1, 64-1, 65-3, 66-4, 67-1, 68-1, 69-3, 70-4, 71-2, 72-2, 73-1, 74-4, 75-1

  3. CBSE NET English July 2016
    1 ”Which of us is happy in this world?” Which novel of Thackery ends with this quote?
    Vanity Fair

    2 Why does Lovewit leaves his house in The Alchemist?
    Because of an epidemic of Plague

    3 Who wrote the article The kitchen sink in 1954?
    David Sylvester

    4 Which of teh following is not an allegorical character in the play Everyman?

    5 Who is the first translator of BHagwat Geeta in English?
    Charles Wilkins

    6 In BL Coleridge defines the imagination as the faculty by which —
    The mind acquires images by its associative power

    7 Why do the Hoyuhnhms have few words in their language?
    They consider language to be morally corrupt

    8 Name the first Poetry publication of A D Hope?
    The wandering islands

    9 Identify The incorrect assumption in language teaching?
    Language teaching should give importance to writing rather than speech

    10 The Bhamasura myth is used in Rk Narayan’s –
    Man eater of Malgudi

    11 In the middle English period words were borrowed from ?
    Latin and French

    12 Arrange in chronological order –
    Tyndale —KIng James Bible—Revised second edition—Holman christian standard version

    13 THe last word in James Joyce’s Finnegans wake is ?

    14 In so far as we are taught how to read, what we engage……..
    We appropriate meaning from a text according to the critical assumptions—-
    Both Are Right

    15 Focualt describes discourse as–
    Conceptual frameworks which enable some mode of thought and deny certain others

    16 The narrator of Oroonoko is ?
    A woman , A purported eyewitness of the events

    17 Whose dialogue is this, ” The life of a normally constituted idea is about 17 or 18 years at the most 20?
    Dr Thomas Stockman in An Enemy of the people

    18 Structuralism promotes-
    The view that literature is one signifying practice among others

    19 Shelley’s Julian and Maddalo is about?
    Julian (Shelley himself) Maddalo ( Byron)

    20 What is practical criticism?
    The close analysis of poem without taking account of any external information

    21 Which of teh following does not describe some of teh practices of feminist literary criticism?
    They argue that the traditional canon is justified

    22 The man who disappeared is also known as–
    Amerika by Franz Kafka

    23 In Evelyn Waugh’s A handful of dust Tony Last kkeps reding a book–
    The Mna who liked Dickens

    24 What kind of shift took place at the beginning of restoraion period?
    England shifted from a republican puritan commonwealth to an aristocratic Anglican Monarchy

    25 The Grammar Translation method stresses on?

    26 They then heaved out…..Beowulf is famous for this technique—
    Alliteration and Four strong stresses

    27 Identify the poet translator and publisher who founded the press Writers’ workshop?
    P Lal

    28 Byron wrote the preface to which of his works as a rebuke to Wordsworth;s own intoduction to ”the thorn’?
    The Vision of Judgement

    29 ”The device is the only hero of the literature?
    New Criticism (The statement is made by a structuralist Jonathan Culler who was influenced by Russian Formlism and was married to a deconstructuralist)

    30 Language games/phrase regimens denotes?
    The multiplicity of communities of meaning
    The innumerable and incommensurable separate systems in which meanings are produced

    31 Alice Munro Depicted?

    32 What is peachman’s occupation in John Gay’s beggars’ Opera?
    Lawyer and Fencer of Stolen goods

    33 Whitman begins spiritual awakenning in Songs of myself at the ge of ?

    34 Tennyson condemns the spirit of aestheticsm ?
    The lady of Shalott

    35 Six character in search of an author ”Dont you feel teh ground beneath your feet..?
    Father to Stage Manager

    36 Found his inspiration in a most desolate place?
    J M Synge

    37 Name the critc of Derrida?
    John Searle

    38 who bought and renovated the house of George Herbert?
    Vikram Seth

    39 Which of Anita Desai’s work talk about the suppression and oppression of women?
    Where shall we go this summer and Cry the peacock

    40 Idetify two Indians who got appreciation from their British counterparts>
    R k Narayan, Graham Greene
    Mulk Raj Anand, E M Forster

    41 Match the character with work?
    Count Fosco: Women in white
    Margaret: North or South
    Lucy Snowe: Villette
    Maggie Tuliver : No match

    (Gaskell’s novel is entitled North or south while in option its North and South so You can object. Maggie Tuliver appears in The Mill on the floss. I think the question will get deleted)

    42 This poet was accidently killed in Burma?
    Alun Lewis

    43 What was the consolation of Adam and Eve in The paradise lost book 12 while leaving the heaven?
    They are comforted by their foreknowledge of the coming of Christ

    44 He needed not the spectacles of books to read nature?

    45 Emily Dickinson used Open form and free verse who else of her contemporaries did?

    46 2 Characters of Faerie Queene represent queen Elizabeth, who are they?
    Belphoebe and The Faerie Queene

    47 Which African novelist was a student of philosophy and literature in India?
    Ben Okri

    48 William Blake was influenced by the religious writings of ?
    Jacob Boehme and Emanuel Swedenborg

    49 Which British king conciously used language English to create a sens eof national identity?
    Alfred the Great

    50 What is teh final rule in George Orwell’w ”Politics and teh English languge”?
    Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbrous

    51 In his Defense of Poesy what is the ”best and most accomplished kind of poetry” in Sidney;s estimation?
    Heroical Poetry

    52 Which romantic writer made the following comment, ”The poet is far from dealaing only with these subtle and analogical truths…”?
    Leigh Hunt in What is poetry?

    53 T S Eliot talks about two writers , ”was much possessed by death” and teh other who ”knew the anguish of the marrow”?
    Webster and Donne

    54 Functional communicative approach is in opposition to?
    Translation and grammar method

    55 According to Julia Kristeva …..Fill in the blank?
    Semiotic Symbolic

    56 ”I waited for you impatiently..all this blasted psychology is a double edged weapon? (Crime and Punishment)
    Raskolinikov to the bible he finds in the prison cell in Siberia

    57 What three Germanic tribes invaded Britons in the fifth century AD, BRINGING WITH THEM the roots of modern English?
    Saxons angles jutes

    58 Which is not a part of poem Jejuri?
    The Priest

    59 Alienation is best described by Bertolt Brecht as?
    Distancing artistic conventions to prevent an emotional catharsis

    60 Ngugi wa Thiongo changed his medium from English to ?
    Swahilli and Gilkuyu both are right ( Delete this question cbse)

    61 Name the ancient critics Pope commented as exemplary in Essay on Criticism?
    Aristotle Horace Dionysius Quintilian Longinus

    62 Which Larkin poem is a self elegy anticipating poet’s death?

    63 What is the first obstacle in Pilgrim’s progress?
    The Slough of Despond

    64 Arrange in chronology? Four Quartet:
    Burnt Norton East Cocker The Dry Salvages Little Gidding

    65 Which is not true of Dickens?
    Dickens’ plots are tight knit

    66 Published in 1604 the first monolingual English Dictionary was?
    Robert Cawdrey’s Table Alphabetical

    67 Narrative of More’s Utopia is ?
    First person narration by Raphael Hythloday and first person narration by Thomas more

    68 In Thomas Mann’s novel space becomes a form of time in the opening page, nam ethe novel?
    The magic mountain

    69 Match teh following?
    The boa constrictor coil/Is a fossil The Jaguar
    My manners are tearing off Hawk Roosting
    More coiled steel than living Thrushes
    Time in the sea eats its tail Relic

    70 Which of Conrad’s novel express teh contrast between the solidarity of shipboard lifeand loneliness impeneterable and transparent?
    Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim both

    71 Name Dryden’s Philosophico religious poems?
    Hind and the Panther and A Layman’s faith

    72 Comprehension:
    The poem constructs its account of stray cats by way of a contrast with?
    Wild cats

    73 In the overall context, what do ”furnished interiors” represent?
    creaturely comfort

    74 The last two lines suggest that cats crossing the crowded road–
    Is an example of human obsession

    75 Select two words that help accentuate the enigmatic characte rof stray cats?
    Doubt and Mandatory

  4. thanks for the answers …. can you give some explanation about poetry comprehension answers….. how did you arrive at them? ….

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