BSTC exam 2018 Leaked | Rajasthan BSTC Question Paper leaked Whatsapp

BSTC Paper Leaked 2018 – Before the pre-BSTC examination began on Sunday in the district, some people gave the candidates the answers to the questions of the paper. When the information was received, the police immediately arrested him. The police seized the mobile, including paper, ansa, and possession of four people in custody. Before that, Kotwali police arrested a candidate from the city’s MBC Women’s College in the matter of viraling paper on Wattsapp one hour before the commencement of examination.

Rajasthan BSTC Leaked 2018

According to the police, the BSTC examination paper was found to be viral on the watepsapp. It was found in the investigation that only one candidate has made the paper viral and his examination center is the MBC Women’s College. Police investigated Ramji’s goal Barmer resident of Ashokkumar, son of Nimbaram, after the investigation. In the inquiry, the candidate accepted that the paper was purchased from any other youth for 5-10 thousand rupees. Police filed the case and arrested the accused.

BSTC Question Paper Leaked News

In the case of paper viral tax evacuation questions, four people have gone to police custody. In the police questioning, the accused have admitted that before the commencement of the examination, the paper has been solved by asking the candidates as ancestors. These four are being told outside. Given the seriousness of the case, SP Gagandeep Singh reached Sadar police station late evening. Here, investigate the matter and inquire the accused. During this time, several police officers, including Kotwal Amarsingh Ratanu, Sadar Thanakshari Rajendra Chaudhary, were present.

Four Arrested in Rajasthan BSTC Paper Leaked

Before the pre-BSTC examination, the police caught four people in the matter of declaring the paper viral tax on the candidates. The team is engaged in the investigation of the matter.-Dr.Gagan Dip Singhla, Superintendent of Police, Barmer. The Sadar police took the action and arrested the lieutenant who is taking the examination at the examination center of the District Industrial Training Institute at the second place. Police said that his brother Anilkumar was examining the candidate Shravan Kumar. The Diet Principal has filed a case against the accused. The police arrested him and seized the documents including the Aadhar card.


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